Module power 280-380W.
The efficiency of the modules is 17.1-19.1%.
Number of cells: 60-144.
Weight – 18.2 / 25.5 kg

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LR6 72HPH 365M, LR6 72HPH 370M, LR6 72HPH 375M, LR6 72HPH 380M, LR6 72HPH 385M, LR6 72 330M, LR6 72 335M, LR6 72 340M, LR672 345M, LR6 72 350M LR6 72HBD 360M, LR6 72HBD 365M, LR6 72HBD 370M, LR6 72HBD 375M, LR6 72HBD 380M, LR6 72HBD 385M, LR6 60HV 280M, LR6 60HV 285M, LR6 60HV 290M, LR6 60HV 295M, LR6 60HV 300M LR6 60HPB 300M, LR6 60HPB 305M, LR6 60HPB 310M LR6

60HPB 315M, LR6 60HPB 320M