Jethrü Dü Pro Bifacial PV Module 355W-455W

JT SIh(B) 120 Cells / JT SSh(B) 144 Cells

Cells:(JT SIh(B) 355W-370W) 120 [2x(6×10)], Module Dimensions:1773 x 1046 x 30 mm, Module Weight:24.5 kg / 

Cells:(JT SSh(B) 440W-455W) 144 [2x(6×12)], Module Dimensions:2111 x 1046 x 30 mm, Module Weight:28 kg

166 size Mono PERC Bifacial cells, with proven Dual-glass tech, increase system generating capacity. Up to 25% more yield from rear side in different cases.

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