Solar power plants for business

By choosing electricity from renewable energy sources, you become an innovative, environmentally friendly, responsible business company that reduces CO2 emissions. By contributing to environmentally friendly / ecological solutions, you also significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption. The higher your production capacity / load, the more electricity is consumed. The benefits of a solar power plant are felt already in the first year of consumption, and the investment pays off on average in 7 years. In order to promote the use of electricity from renewable energy sources, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Commission periodically provide support to natural and legal persons, which can cover up to 30% of all eligible costs related to the solar power plant installation project.

By cooperating with UAB Energetikos sprendimai grupė, we believe that you will receive not only the most optimal and high-quality offers, but also one of the most favorable prices in Lithuania. The company will provide comprehensive assistance and advice to select the most appropriate financial support. Our company offers „Turnkey“ installation of a solar power plant by using high-quality, EU-certified, equipment.

Why choose us? Whys us

Flexible and competitive pricing;

Many years of experience in the energy sector;

Wide range of services;

Innovative solutions and fast service;

What are the main steps of a solar power plant Project implementation?

  • WE:

  • receive a request;

  • perform an economic assessment, finding out the annual electricity consumption, calculate and offer the most efficient solution for the company (the most efficient solar power plant after visiting the object);

  • sign a contract;

  • prepare a project;

  • prepare a feasibility study (if necessary) and help to prepare documents for financial support;

  • install a solar power plant and submit it for assessment;

  • train and supervise.

We also offer the roofs/sheds of car parking lots for real estate and supermarket business representatives – the solar power plants, which would be visually attractive, functional and convenient for owners of blocks flats or for supermarket customers. Roofs would be not only protecting from rain, wind or sun, but also would create preconditions for increasing the number of customers. In addition, the solar power plants installed on the parking lots roofs, could generate electricity for your needs.

Possible options:

  • when a roof/shed is installed and the solar power plant is rented or sold to another natural or legal person;
  • when the owner of the roof/shed also becomes the owner of the solar power plant.


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