Smart Accounting Data Hub MDC

The smart metering data concentrator MDC is a universal data controller for various types of energy meters, for automatic data collection systems and for electricity meters. The compact, microprocessor-controlled device operates in a variety of conditions, in data acquisition systems of different architectures. Data transmission is via GSM / GPRS / 3G / GSM-R (optional), LAN or WAN to the central server. All controller interfaces (CL and / or RS485) are independent, so they can work at different speeds and different communication protocols at the same time. MDC ensures data separation levels and information security for multiple independent users.

Additional technical information
Supply voltage AC / DC
90 – 250 V
Power consumption
< 15 W
20 mA current loop interface for meter connection
up to 5 connected meters, data transfer speed 300 … 19200 baud
20 mA current loop interface for system expansion
data transfer rate 300 … 19200 baud
RS485 communication interface for meter connection (as required)
up to 32 connected meters, data transfer speed 300 … 19200 baud
RS232 communication interfaces – 2pcs
(For parameterization or connection of an external modem).
10Mb Ethernet communication interface for data transmission
data transfer speed TCP / IP – 10 Mb / s, up to 3 communication sessions simultaneously
Operating temperature
-20 … +50 ⁰C
Relative humidity
5 … 95% be kondensato