Reactive power compensation controller REEKS 6.0

REEKS 6.0 is smart reactive energy compensation controller. It is used in reactive energy compensation systems for control of capacitor or coil banks. The controller has total 12 compensation steps which can be divided in various ways – for example 5 capacitors and 7 coils.

REEKS 6.0 ensures exceptionally accurate reactive energy compensation percent, because the controller reads the reactive energy data directly from smart electricity meter using communication interface.

Power supply, AC
230 V, 50 Hz
Consumed power
< 25 W
Control circuit voltage
250 V
Control circuit current
6 A
Control circuit maximum power
30 W
Maximum number of control circuits (battery stages)
20 mA current loop communication interface for meter connection
Up to 2 meters, data transfer speed 1200 … 19200 baud
20 mA current loop communication interface for system expansion
Data transfer speed 1200 … 19200 baud
Minimum compensation period
10 s
Maximum number of grouped logical blocks
Operating temperature
-15 … +45 ⁰C
144x144x102 mm