Energy management software Enersis

Enersis is a Web-based platform which is used for remote meter reading, meter data analysis and meter data management. Enersis collects data from smart meters using mostly wireless communication technologies, such as GSM 2G/3G/LTE and internet. Smart energy meters, communication controllers and energy data software make up a smart metering system, also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

In order for smart meters to be accessed remotely by Enersis the meters must have communication module connected to them. If meters are installed in the enclosures one by one, we can use GSM 2G/3G/LTE communication modem MCL 5.10. If there are many smart meters installed in one building or transformer substation, we can use remote meter reading controller ESMB 3.1 . MCL 5.10 uses GSM network and therefore requires SIM card to operate. ESMB 3.1 has Ethernet connection interface and can be connected directly to Ethernet socket in the building. The meter data management software is installed on a server and can be accessed via internet using any electronic device, such as desktop PC, tablet or smart phone. Each user connects using unique login and password. The system allows users to monitor each individual meter consumption data and to create groups of meters under one name (for example a building with tenants). Enersis displays values such as active energy import, active energy export, reactive energy import, reactive energy export, active and reactive demand, active and reactive load profiles with integration period up to 30 seconds, smart meter event log and many others. Smart metering system also has various graphic and tabular energy data analysis tools, live data monitoring and ready to print reports. Reports offer one-click data representation in preset templates like monthly consumption by tariff, monthly energy balance, monthly differential energy report (how much energy was purchased versus how much was consumed) energy consumption invoice and others. The templates can be changed to accommodate every client’s metering data representation needs and existing company forms. At any given time, an unlimited amount of users can work with Enersis simultaneously. Users can give access to the system to the other users with strictly selected access levels. Remote meter reading software Enersis also has hardware management features like remote smart meter and communication modem diagnostics, firmware upgrade, parameter change, communication signal monitoring and others. The system is available in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish and Spanish languages. Enersis is designed to have very easy translation so any other language can be added quickly.

User amount
Measured energy resources
Electric energy, water, heat, gas, steam, temperature, flow, pressure
Instantaneous data
2 measuring point monitoring at the same time
High availability
24/7, 99%
Data integration period
5, 15, 30, 60 min